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From the legendary best-selling author of Fear of Flying comes a powerful essay directed at politicians who depend on the women's vote, yet never bother to address women until they need to be rescued. In no uncertain terms, Erica Jong addresses the key issues facing American women — abortion, jobs, economic parity, health care, and more — and makes clear that in return for the women's vote, our President must fulfill his promise to advance the rights of American women. Erica Jong fiercely believes that women's rights are human rights, and a core value of democracy. Jong holds nothing back in this breathless, urgent and necessary call to arms.

The happy fact that Obama has won a second term in no way detracts from her insistence that he look at the electorate differently, rather than turning it all over to Michelle!

Women are not a minority to be appeased. Rather, we are the majority.

Beginning with the worldwide sensation created by her debut novel, Fear Of Flying, in 1973 — which has sold 26 million copies to date -- Erica Jong has established herself not only as an important American novelist and poet, but also as a passionate and compelling commentator on feminist issues. Jong has published eight novels, two memoirs and seven books of poetry.


A Letter to the President


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